Astrology Readings

Latest astrological weather influencing our planet and information on personal readings

I discovered astrology in 1986 and I have been practicing it ever since. The knowledge of the galactic and planetary cycles and the dance of planets in aspects to each other helps me feel connected to the Universe and make sense of my own feelings, desires and external life events.

I do personal readings by Skype: 30 minutes – £35 and one hour – £50. If you would like to book a reading please contact me using ‘Contact Me’ page providing your name, email and/or telephone number together with your date of birth, place of birth, and the time of birth if known. I will get back to you with available time slots and payment details.  An audio recording of the session will be emailed to you after the reading.

If you are reasonably local ( I am in  South East London) consider hosting an astrology party   where I do short readings for all your guests and a free one for the host. Its a lot of fun ! Contact me for details.