Spiritual growth

We all have a unique way of connecting with Source. My objective is to use  my soul’s perspective in daily life to facilitate emergence of innate superpowers. I see many of us accessing them more and more. Noticing the miraculous makes it a new normal!

By far the most hands on influence on my spiritual journey so far has been working with Veronica Torres who channels Eloheim and the Council. I discovered her YouTube videos way back in 2010 and I have been a subscriber to her monthly online broadcasts since. Last year I attended a live seminar in London which was awesome. My way of living and navigating challenges has undergone a radical change and I am excited to expand on my inner work  to reach “level 7- It’s all Me! ” If anyone wishes to check out her work feel free to jump to the link provided. You won’t regret it. The tools for practical application in daily life really work!    www.eloheim.com/introduction-to-eloheim-veronica-el/

Other teachers whose channeled messages I enjoy immensely  are:

Kryon who publishes his free messages as MP3 http://www.kryon.com/menuKryon/menuKryon.html

and Brenda Hoffman who broadcasts every week on Blog Talk Radio and writes a weekly blog www.lifetapestrycreations.com