Saturn Neptune square theme in 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius will be remain at 90 deg angle to Neptune in Pisces when viewed  from Earth until 8th September 2016. The tension produced by this aspect has already been evident. These two planets represent totally different reality concepts: Neptune symbolizes dreams, feelings especially compassion and unconditional love, anything “mystical” or “unrealistic”. Saturn is the symbol of the tangible physical world we can see build and measure.It is concerned with structures and systems : government, institutions, corporations  and traditions. It rules science based on physical evidence and entrenched belief systems. When these two planets  square each other their dance will produce a meld. We will notice how dreams and fantasies alone will not feed us and put roofs over our heads. We will need to work  to birth those dreams into physical reality we live in.

Equally the structures of our lives will experience a softening or will be washed away by Neptunian energies seeping into them. The apparent solidness of physical objects and structures will become more permeable and nebulous. We may see more “miracles” when object will materialize seemingly by magic and totality of such personal experiences may deeply challenge our rigid belief  structures. Watch out for vivid meaningful dreams and synchronicities. Observe how the concept of time itself ( Saturn) becomes more fluid (Neptune).

Neptune is also associated with the Divine Feminine whereas Saturn represents  patriarchy. I can see how the wave of Neptunian energy will wash away some of the rough edges of the entrenched system by exposing it for all to see. That’s how Neptune operates: it dissolves and exposes.

When these energies are integrated our  manifesting skills will truly blossom in the physical world we live in.

2016 the year of completion

The next 12 months we shall be focused to get things done. It’s time to get into our groove and start living our purpose. Discussing it, contemplating and having doubts will no longer do. It’s time to start making it real. Those nagging thoughts which, to date, have been kept at the back of the mind suppressed by “I can’t do it, I am not skilled enough, I won’t make any money from it, I am not confident enough, I have no partner ” etc etc ..they need to be listened to, thanked for trying to keep us safe i.e stagnant and they can be put on the shelf. They won’t serve us now. We need to start moving. It matters not which direction as long as it creates momentum and feels right.The destination is unimportant. The movement itself will allow for the opportunities to present themselves.We then need to start putting in the effort, step by step to avoid overwhelm. Asking for help when stuck will keep it going forward. Keeping it going will attract people on similar paths to join us in our endeavors and reinforce our missions.

I wish us all happy discoveries what makes us truly alive. It’s time to start living magically.