Gravity as information exchange

Gravity is seen as a mysterious force that exists between objects where an object with bigger mass like Earth attracts a smaller mass object -all things found on its surface. Many scientists have tried in vain to build anti gravity devices to facilitate travel and make devices requiring lifting heavy loads obsolete. To succeed in this endeavor gravity needs to be seen as a wave emitted by every object that contains information reflecting its unique parameters including its relative location to other objects.

To prove its existence and to  extract a portion of the emanational wave that relates solely to location a simple experiment can be enacted. You need to place a very very thin copper sphere as round as it can be on a supper flat and smooth at least six foot long table. By placing such a sphere on one end of the table at location A and striking it or by other means one can extract  a sound that can be recorded electronically or acoustically and its vibration measured. This frequency signature i.e. a recorded vibrational wave, its tone and frequency will be unique to the sphere when it exists in a specific location A. Then you move the sphere and extract the tone from the sphere at the location B. When the tone is recorded you move the sphere back to location A and bombard it with sufficiently amplified or magnified recorded tone of the location B energy signature. You will observe the sphere moving to location B automatically and it will stop and go no further as it will find its resting point within that vibrational equation.

This will open the door to unlocking the objects from their locational realities. When an object is exposed to the locational component of chosen location different to the one it where it originally exists it ceases to exist in that location and appears at the chosen location congruent with its altered energetic signature. This happens outside of time and there is no “travel” through space because each segment of space has unique locational frequency signature component.

All objects including people and animals radiate their location as part of their energetic signature. If such components can be identified we could create a matrix of locational vibrations to travel instantaneously and it can be extrapolated to the rest of the Universe thus facilitating intergalactic travel. By simply exposing an object to frequencies of another location we can move it to that location. It will cease to exist at one reality and pop out at another reality by injecting the new location component into its frequency signature without travelling from one to another.

Object do take on new frequencies and do move to the location of that frequency. That’s gravity.  It is the relationship of frequencies to each other and the relationships of geometry to each other in certain patterns.

So, for example, a mass dense object like a neutron star has highly coherent gravity wave radiation as there is a lot of matter in one area. It radiates it and any object in its vicinity takes on this frequency and as such is drawn in. That’s the mechanism of gravity. It re-identifies locational variables within each object because it is powerful enough to do so: it can overwhelm the initial location signature. The same way the planets and other objects rotate around the Sun and they wobble around when affected by each other and other galactic bodies. Gravity is thus an interactive exchange of information 🙂

Once our technology is able to detect “locational gravity waves” stripped of all background interference noise  we will be able to propel objects such as ships or cars by recording a forward facing area wave, amplifying and modulating it and then bombarding the center mass point of the ship or a car with it whilst simultaneously implementing the idea of “less” behind it. Forward movement along the vector will ensue. At warp speed!

There is also a multi dimensional component of the location frequency which filters down to the 4th dimension ( 3 dimensions of space and one of time)  where we can observe its effects. The multidimensional component runs into infinite number of dimensions but for us to utilize it we need to have an understanding of the 5th dimension to be able to apply it to our 4th density reality. This is why working with our higher minds is so useful because our higher mind already exists in the 5th dimensional reality. It will give us better understanding how to use this information for our new inventions. I feel we are almost there 😉



Redefining integration

Integration of society has become a desirable social goal recently given the mass migration occurring on a global scale. The concept itself has lofty visions of people from different cultural , religious and national backgrounds living peacefully together respecting each other and their ways of living life.

It does however bring up visions of blandness as homogeneity as by definition each culture needs to compromise and adjust some of their values and habits to blend in with the group. I believe that the concept itself needs to be renamed and redefined. I think a better way to achieve peace and respect of all is to strive for social cohesion where no compromises need to be made and where each culture has freedom of expression of its own values and ways of living as long as these do not impinge on anyone else exercising their own different values.This is not an easy task to achieve . Harmonizing with our neighbors especially those of dramatically different, opposing even values requires energy expenditure and it feels like work. It is for this reason many of us prefer to live in an echo chamber communities which is more relaxing when life gets busy and stressful. Less stressful life may free up some energy required to relate to others in a new way based on curiosity and acceptance.

Equally relevant is the issue of status as belonging to the dominant culture.It is a basic human instinct to belong, to be part of the tribe and the survival instinct tell us it is “better” to be part of the dominant group. Minority groups often feel inferior in a subconscious way and may play a role of a victim whilst internally feeling animosity towards the majority culture for being excluded. Tensions flare up to level out the “status playing field”

We are progressing towards the enlightenment individually and as a global society. All the while we try to compare ourselves to others and judge their actions – on individual and on group basis – through the prism of own values integration is not possible. Some ideas are simply too abhorrent to various group of people to accept and tolerate. So in one sense progress towards enlightened society needs to be a step by step process and will emerge organically from within each person when they are ready to embrace it. For the time being the legal framework has to have an overarching impact to enable society to function in a cohesive way. Such legal framework ought to be a collaborative work giving voice to multitude of cultures to work relatively well for all.

So how are we to achieve social cohesion? The key aspect of learning to respect another is first loving and appreciating self. It is only when an individual has self respect and owns his ( or hers) own positive and negative traits that he ( of she) can appreciate another from a perspective of being rooted in his own truth and self value. The “other” when perceived from that stance is seen as an equal and as a divine expression in human form.

Current rise of nationalism seems to point at greater separatist movement but exactly the opposite is true. It shows a trend of people becoming more aware of own culture and of own values and becoming empowered. Concurrent to the rising feelings of pride seeing other cultures displaying their ways of life in all their glory and gory details allows for the collective and individual shadow to be emerge and be brought into light of awareness for healing to happen. Contrasts can spark the beginning of inner work in many. It is only by knowing self better and becoming securely rooted n own truth one can interface  with another individual by retaining own uniqueness yet honoring the individuality of another. It is at this stage people start seeking a “3rd way” – they start to seek what they have in common and not focus on differences. At the very least they can acknowledge that”we both breathe air” 🙂

Ultimately this process is greatly enhanced by the rise of consciousness through engaging in various practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness or whatever way one chooses to connect to the spiritual aspect of life to enable them to experience joy as a default emotion. This is a gateway to love as a constant way of being in the world. Raised consciousness translates as  values such as  kindness, compassion, cooperation and tolerance supported and expressed with inner strength emerge as dominant ways of interaction and behavior regardless of culture and nationality. Social cohesion emerges from love in action in a self organizing inevitable way.

Lets start loving self more! We are all part of One, of “ALL THAT IS” and “ALL THAT IS” is incomplete without you 😉

Amazing sex

Beautiful sexual connection with another is the holly grail of life. Much has been written about the male/female polarity dynamic, about the techniques and the feelings that arise. This blog is about the part the body, personality and awareness  play in the sexual act.

During the sexual act we have the bodily sensations. The Body is having an experience of touch, smells, sights, sounds and the bodily changes that occur due to sexual desire and arousal . That’s the Body piece and it can be experienced as a stand alone sexual act with the beginning and the eventual release through orgasm.

If you add the Personality- it can either be in the moment with the Body being blown away by the body experience, feeling its sensations and being immersed in them or the Personality can be distracting you from what the Body is experiencing through doubt, through anxiety, through thoughts about the future, through thoughts about the past, through confusion, what is he/she thinking, frustration,why is it not happening better, why is it not happening longer,why is it not happening harder whatever one worries during sex.

Or the Personality can just be the witness of the magnificent opportunity that sex can be. And then you bring Awareness in. Awareness can then be free to bring MORE into the experience. This is the transcendental part where an opportunity for energy meld presents itself.

Ideally Body and Personality would be in sync. Whilst the Body is having experience the healed way the Personality is the most amazing witness. The most amazing observer. What it brings is delight,awe, fascination,profound respect. All those things come from Personality which is individuated and NOT from a general observation.

So the Personality would offer the individuated witness of the experience the Body is having like being in awe of the connection you are feeling to the partner , in awe of the partner, in awe of the senses and feeling that are happening. And the Awareness can help you take it to the place you ve never been able to take it to. A place that is built on infinite platform rather then on a single lifetime platform. This is where one can step through the jointly created portal into expanded realities and travel the multiverse of the galaxies. This is the point when “the Earth has moved” for us.

Our own personal Inner GPS system

We all have our own inner GPS, those little whispers urging us to take action towards our joy. Not everyone pays it as much attention and sometimes opinions of others or what “should” be done seems a safer option. Our comfort zone is a safe place but nothing grows there!

I see my inner guidance as my co creation with my divine self. I trust it to reveal the next step so that my purpose on Earth unfolds in accordance with my life’s blueprint I chose before incarnating on Earth. Free will enables me to fulfill my life purpose in accordance with my own choices. My purpose can unfold in infinite number of ways and creating my own path is what my self realization truly is. It is therefore useless to have a “plan”. Such would preclude me from being a creator of my life. Inner guidance as to the next step is all I need to keep me on course I have chosen to experience and explore.

The next step is always dependent on where I am at in any given moment. If I am tired my next step can be an urge to take a nap or simply rest. When I am energized I may be wanting to connect with people and welcome an opportunity to join a group activity or accept an invitation to meet a friend. Following this inner urge, my inner GPS then reveals my next step of my journey. The people I meet may have new information for me, feelings of happiness can allow AHA insights to rise up in me and moments of true clarity can emerge. I can then act from that point – my next step will be different each time depending on the previous one.

If I choose to disregard my inner whispers and choose habitual activities in preference to what is presented to me my inner GPS will readjust. It knows I am off road 😉 It will either continue to voice the directions louder either through emotions getting heavier or through the body getting ill or change them completely depending how far off road I have ventured. For example ignoring my tiredness may lead to an accident necessitating I stop and rest anyways. Or a sudden new idea will be presented to me to follow. I can’t get it wrong, ever! The system is self adjusting and  soul powered 😉 Moving forward makes it easier for the readjustments to occur. Just like it is easier to steer the wheels of the moving car then when it is parked.

My inner GPS is a “feelings and sensations” based system. It operates in the quantum energy field and its guidance is not logical. It scans matching cooperative components that can enhance my journey and brings them to my attention through the desires rising in me. It is my best friend  🙂

Slowing down time

Most of us have been conditioned to see time as an unchangeable constant. Yet it is not so. Einstein has already shown that time is relative to speed. If you traveled away from Earth in a space ship for a year you will have felt the journey as a year long yet  your absence would be shown in Earth time as a longer period. If you traveled for many years there would be a possibility that your loved ones passed on before your return. Experience of time would impact the biology and aging process in a substantial and very noticeable way.

Have you however noticed how some people age at much slower rate? There are many that defy the norm. Experiencing time differently is the answer to their longevity. It is being high vibrational that makes it possible.

We tend to see vibrations in linear fashion: as waves expanding and oscillating outwards in straight lines. Some are faster then others travelling at different speed. Instead lets imagine those waves travelling in a circular motion. The circle can become as small as a human cell. When we talk of high vibrational human it is his or her cells that vibrate at high speed.  When we are in expansive states of being feeling love gratitude and kindness such high speeds are sustainable due to lack of resistance.Higher speed creates an altered experience of time at molecular level. It changes to a “slower time”.

Conversely time feels longer when states of fear, depression and aggression are experienced. We descend into lower vibrational speed on molecular levels. Stress really does age our physicality.

Everyone has a choice to experience whatever they like but taking the higher road facilitates longevity and health.

Love expressed daily has the potential to make you physically immortal 🙂


Life of a Soul

 A soul exists on many dimensional levels and its life is not limited to a life expressed through a single physical body. There is never a moment when our entire soul is fully intact inside the body as part of who we are. We always exist as ourselves and as lots of other things simultaneously.

Some parts of our soul are walking around other parts of the planet right now as angels or as spirit guides for other people. Parts of our soul drift off and go to connect with worldwide events or to connect with and be of service to other parts of the world or universe. Other parts express themselves through inhabiting lifetimes which we see as Past or Future. All these expressions exist in the unfolding Now Moment.

When a soul has entered the body of an embryo or a fetus, the energy of the soul who will inhabit that human life, has committed itself to that human life and it shows up as a form of vibration in the cells that compose this body. Nearly every soul has committed itself to its human lifetime before conception even occurs.

Some souls agree to enter the body when its previous soul departs. It is usually after a near death experience, an accident or a severe illness. This is called a Walk-In experience. It can be evidenced by sudden change in habits and tastes, relationship breakdowns and embarking on a new profession, change of residence etc.

Any human being who wishes to live a full human lifetime, chooses to be conceived within a mother whose sole intention and soul plan and soul path will lead her to full gestation and childbirth.

Souls make agreements with each other and line up experiences so they match. If there is a person or a family who will benefit by going through a miscarriage, who has something to learn, something to resolve or something to open up to through the experience of miscarriage, then a soul who wants to experience what it is like to be miscarried will align itself with that embryo so that it can go through miscarriage.

There are also souls who have karmic reasons to be miscarried or aborted. Some need to come into embodiment to resolve some karma and the experience of going through a miscarriage or abortion will bring the soul back into balance. Some souls offer that as a gift for the family who needs to experience miscarriage or abortion to become balanced.

Some people’s souls, choose to inhabit a fetus that will be aborted or miscarried because they want to have an interesting experience of having a third-dimensional body. This is a quick and easy way to be embodied and to experience physicality without having to go through an entire human lifetime.

Human life is not a one shot opportunity. My belief is that most of us have done it hundreds, or even thousands of times “before” and  “after”.Ultimately, as with everything, our souls hold our life’s blueprint energy: they choose the experiences and choreograph themselves with everyone around them. Souls are constantly in contact with everyone in our life at a higher level and by gentle nudges guide us so that our needs line up with the needs of those souls around us resulting in many synchronicities.

Connecting with our Soul, our own spark of divinity, enables us to live our lives as humans from our soul perspective: full of joy and grace 🙂

Becoming Self Sourced

The idea that we are self sufficient if a difficult one to acknowledge when our physical bodies are dependent on food  water and shelter. To be clear this not the self sufficiency I am referring to. Perhaps one day we will evolve to the point of not requiring such physical support from outside. Indeed there are some people already who exist by breathing  and Sun gazing alone. They call themselves breatharians  but is not a mainstream phenomena yet. Indeed the pleasures of tasting food is part of the Earth experience and may stay with us for a few years to come.

Being self sourced has always been my goal as long as I can remember.  It is different to being self sufficient – we are interdependent creatures 🙂

It has shown itself in my propensity to be independent and challenging societal norms at an early age. It is not that I wanted to be alone as being part of the community is and was important to me but somehow I never really fitted in too well. Although this used to bother me at first I now know this was my training to be fully self sourced and not depend on feedback.

Being self sourced means self validation of your own self worth. It allows access to your own divinity and not seeking God outside of self.

It is dropping the need to keep asking others what they think of you and constantly needing feedback to validate your own impression of self. When this state is achieved there is very little that can touch you from the outside. You can maintain your center and act from inner peace in all situations regardless of what they are. That is the goal – mastery of self is a process 😉

It has many unsuspected benefits for your body. The cells only respond to the directions given to them by their human host. They do not respond to the opinions and emotions of others except when the human is unconscious of their influence . The human host has free will to react or respond to outside stimuli in a way that maintains his or her equilibrium at all times. Cells benefit from the balanced energetic stance by working at optimum capacity. Better health is achieved. This is how acting from the point of connection to own higher self or divine spark nourishes the body.

Lets all become self-balancing independent units of love incarnate 🙂

Uncertainty is your friend

Seeking  certainty is an illusion. Yet we are constantly trying to chase it.

In life there is a strong pull of things continuing as they are and have been to ensure our survival. What hasn’t killed us to date is unlikely to kill us in the future. Familiarity is considered a safe option and “better the devil you know” is preferable to stepping into unknown. Sometimes we continue living in the same circumstances even when they are not optimal or actually harmful. Life becomes stagnant and we are slowly dying without being aware of it. Depression, disease and relationship problems develop seemingly out of nowhere.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By stepping out of the box into unknown allows for expansion and growth. Life begins to flow when a warped concept of safety is abandoned and  risks are taken daily.

To live this way we must welcome uncertainty as our new friend. We need to drop assumptions of how things should look and ” I don’t know” must be our new mantra. This way life will unfold before us and we can step into it with fascination of the new.

Do not be surprised to see fear show up when you change the way you live. Habits are hard to break. Fear of unknown shows up as “caution”, in “what ifs”, in trying to prepare for all eventualities, in speculating “what’s the worst that can happen”,  in cautioning others to”be careful”,to “stay safe”, in sharing our own accident experiences to stop others following in our footsteps, in sharing our version or “reality” full of all kind of dangers thus preventing them from even trying even though other person’s experience of the same scenario may be totally different. Catching yourself when such thoughts arise are half of the battle to put these fears to rest.

Certainty as a concept is unreal. We can only reduce the perceived risk based on the facts gathered from past events but never eliminate it. The future contains events and possibilities we cannot conceive of.

Some uncertainties we are happy to live with everyday. For example most of us don’t know how the car/phone/computer works yet we  are happy to use these devices . We board the plane yet I doubt anyone actually knows how to fly one. We TRUST ourselves to follow our urge to have the experience without knowing or certainty that these devices will work.

When we feel connected to our inner sense of trust and knowing we can make choices where “I don’t know” is the defining state of being allowing for discovery and fascination to rise up. Uncertainty is the doorway to growth and expansion and seeking it will make our life rich beyond anything that your mind can imagine it to be.

Make uncertainty your new friend and actively seek it !

Mining the Moment

Being in the moment is the new holly grail of consciousness work.

Yet not many of us do not actually know how to stay present. The best question to ask oneself in any situation is: “Am I in resistance to it?”. To put it simply if we want the experience to be different then what it is we are in resistance to it.  This doesn’t mean we have to like it. It does mean we can choose how to respond to it by listening within to see what the experience brings up in us and what opportunities it offers us for expansion.  We are then in acceptance of it.

The survival instinct has served us well up till now by directing us to situations where we feel safe , have ease and control. To evolve pass the survival instinct which, to perform its function keeps us small, we need to seek uncertainty and movement to grow and expand. We are evolving from Homo Sapiens where logic and thoughts are predominant to Homos Spiritus where insight (inner vision) is the directing force. In the  multidimensional paradigm reality our decisions will not make sense to many but will yield results and take us where our expanded sense of Self wants to go.

Learning to stay present is like learning any new skill: it takes practice and dedication. For example we need toothpaste but the store doesn’t have our favorite brand in stock. We can react with :” They never have it when I need it!” or ” Why does it always happen to me?” or we can look around and explore what else is available. We can mine that moment to see what it offers us. The opportunity is created to discover what other tooth cleaning options there are. The shop assistant may advise on other brands or discuss a possibility of mixing a toothpaste to order from all natural ingredients that we could try. We can decide to try it. We may discover we even prefer it to our usual toothpaste! Whatever our choice we begin a process of exploration. Our world gets expanded. The “negative” event opens up new possibilities.

Any challenging confrontation has much to offer too. By staying present and listening to another we can learn what motivates them and it may allow us to express our own truth which we would not otherwise share. As a result the relationship with that person may deepen.

By staying in fascination of What Is we give ourselves an opportunity to experience much more then staying “safe” can ever offer us.

Ultimately, with practice, we may become aware that each moment is fractal in nature and contains within it everything we ever need.

Triggers as doorways to healing

We all get triggered. Its a fact of life. How we choose to respond to them is where the gold is found.

This is where the consciousness and awareness come in. If you can notice the energy rise up in you in specific situations or  when hearing certain words or witnessing certain actions of others you can start working with it. I call it “This trigger is mine” response. It enables me to stop and choose my reaction: automatic reaction or a considered one. The intensity of the feeling indicates that there is a deeper issue and habit at play. I can then choose to slow down, detach and respond in a considered way to the trigger at hand whilst being mindful of my deeper issue which needs to be acknowledged and soothed in some way.

As an example my theme in life is authority issues. Whenever I receive an official letter be it from the bank, local government etc I tend to freeze temporarily. It is quite subtle now but still present nonetheless. The thoughts that tend to come up are: “What now??!”’s an obvious fear response. I have trained myself to stop and look at the letter and see it as communication only, nothing more nothing less. Whenever there is “good news” I formally acknowledge it as such thus breaking the habit of fear around it and by doing so I reinforce the idea that official letters are the messengers of good news too.

Everyone has their issue they are sensitive about. Discover yours and play with it. It will loose its power eventually but it may show up in different guise too so its a never ending work.

For me some triggers are no longer triggering. The watershed moment was dropping a large bottle of beetroot juice on to the wooden floor in the shop I worked in – thick, blood like liquid spilling far and wide – and I stood there and I just said to myself : “I need to clean the floor”. Which I did. I felt no drama, annoyance or irritation.

It now feels good to have the ability of staying centered whist in the midst of circumstances one seemingly has no control over. Own your triggers!..they are your best servants of inner healing 😉