Amazing sex

Beautiful sexual connection with another is the holly grail of life. Much has been written about the male/female polarity dynamic, about the techniques and the feelings that arise. This blog is about the part the body, personality and awareness  play in the sexual act.

During the sexual act we have the bodily sensations. The Body is having an experience of touch, smells, sights, sounds and the bodily changes that occur due to sexual desire and arousal . That’s the Body piece and it can be experienced as a stand alone sexual act with the beginning and the eventual release through orgasm.

If you add the Personality- it can either be in the moment with the Body being blown away by the body experience, feeling its sensations and being immersed in them or the Personality can be distracting you from what the Body is experiencing through doubt, through anxiety, through thoughts about the future, through thoughts about the past, through confusion, what is he/she thinking, frustration,why is it not happening better, why is it not happening longer,why is it not happening harder whatever one worries during sex.

Or the Personality can just be the witness of the magnificent opportunity that sex can be. And then you bring Awareness in. Awareness can then be free to bring MORE into the experience. This is the transcendental part where an opportunity for energy meld presents itself.

Ideally Body and Personality would be in sync. Whilst the Body is having experience the healed way the Personality is the most amazing witness. The most amazing observer. What it brings is delight,awe, fascination,profound respect. All those things come from Personality which is individuated and NOT from a general observation.

So the Personality would offer the individuated witness of the experience the Body is having like being in awe of the connection you are feeling to the partner , in awe of the partner, in awe of the senses and feeling that are happening. And the Awareness can help you take it to the place you ve never been able to take it to. A place that is built on infinite platform rather then on a single lifetime platform. This is where one can step through the jointly created portal into expanded realities and travel the multiverse of the galaxies. This is the point when “the Earth has moved” for us.

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