Triggers as doorways to healing

We all get triggered. Its a fact of life. How we choose to respond to them is where the gold is found.

This is where the consciousness and awareness come in. If you can notice the energy rise up in you in specific situations or  when hearing certain words or witnessing certain actions of others you can start working with it. I call it “This trigger is mine” response. It enables me to stop and choose my reaction: automatic reaction or a considered one. The intensity of the feeling indicates that there is a deeper issue and habit at play. I can then choose to slow down, detach and respond in a considered way to the trigger at hand whilst being mindful of my deeper issue which needs to be acknowledged and soothed in some way.

As an example my theme in life is authority issues. Whenever I receive an official letter be it from the bank, local government etc I tend to freeze temporarily. It is quite subtle now but still present nonetheless. The thoughts that tend to come up are: “What now??!”’s an obvious fear response. I have trained myself to stop and look at the letter and see it as communication only, nothing more nothing less. Whenever there is “good news” I formally acknowledge it as such thus breaking the habit of fear around it and by doing so I reinforce the idea that official letters are the messengers of good news too.

Everyone has their issue they are sensitive about. Discover yours and play with it. It will loose its power eventually but it may show up in different guise too so its a never ending work.

For me some triggers are no longer triggering. The watershed moment was dropping a large bottle of beetroot juice on to the wooden floor in the shop I worked in – thick, blood like liquid spilling far and wide – and I stood there and I just said to myself : “I need to clean the floor”. Which I did. I felt no drama, annoyance or irritation.

It now feels good to have the ability of staying centered whist in the midst of circumstances one seemingly has no control over. Own your triggers!..they are your best servants of inner healing 😉


Saudi Arabia ..beginning of an end?

All the western governments are tolerant of Saudi Arabia despite of the huge civil right violations and their indiscriminate bombing of Yemen which hardly gets any news coverage ( this may change when Murdoch gets busy with Jerry Hall ! 😉 Interestingly Saudis are actually governed by a 29 year old prince whose father, the King, has dementia. He is considering floating off Saudi oil company (Aramco) on open market which, if it were to go public would dwarf all the oil giants capitalization.If this company was to be floated its value would be 3 times higher then the GDP of UK !  However, and here is the thing, there is an unwritten public agreement that the population of Saudi Arabia derives plenty of benefits from cheap oil through subsidies food, housing, healthcare and many government jobs etc – price of freedom one would say. Oil is is seen as a shared resource. If it was sold off these benefits would cease…It looks like banks HSBC and JP Morgan are already getting excited to get on board and plunder the country by providing finance to transfer Aramco into the hands of corporations.

I see this as the beginning of an end of Saudi Arabia if this goes ahead. People wont stand for it and the 29 year old prince may not realize he is playing with fire.


Governments are overrated

Do we need governments? Especially the way they are structured now?

Most of us do not like  politicians and the decisions they make in our name. The system is broken.

It occurred to me that in the new paradigm we are creating the whole concept of others representing us is outmoded. Centralizing power in such a way is both unfair: minority voices are being subjugated to the majority  and dangerous as the system is open to abuse by  the lobbyists and corporations promoting own agenda.

The basis of the government is control. Such concept cannot survive in the personal empowerment age. It will eventually be replaced by personal responsibility  trust and integrity. I am optimistic this will happen within our lifetime. Change is everywhere if you look for it. You wont see it in the news. Its internal.

The society can function rather well on local levels and by utilizing online technology many decisions may be arrived at through direct input of the local population. This is already working  well in Iceland and it could be adopted as a system worldwide.

The biggest obstacle to abandoning government as a political institution is the perceived need of “defense”and the threat that other countries represent. The militarism entrenches the need for control. I see arms industry as a modern day porn. The need for producing guns and other instruments of destruction will eventually fade as hearts open en mass.

Join me in my vision:)

Youthing template and body regeneration

Lets talk about biology. Quantum biology.

I ve always known that youthing is real and it is to do with the consciousness expansion in some way. I used to see it as ability of the cells to regenerate according to their original blueprint. Around ten years ago, roughly at the same time when I began my spiritual practices and I realized I did not age at the same rate as most people. I recall a moment when I saw my own timeline being infinite and not subject to the culturally accepted “aging” beliefs and milestones where certain events happen in sequence and in accepted age brackets: marriage, career push having children retirement death. It occurred to me I may have another child at 70 and die at 130 if I decide I am no longer interested in living this incarnation.

The current general consensus is based on the the premise that we are born, we reach maturity, we age and we die. It does not have to be this way!..I see our mission here on Earth as one of upgrading our bodies through spiritual practice and consciousness expansion which allows for the quantum biology to become operational and for our DNA to transform to activate the quantum youth template. Such activation will stop cellular degeneration whilst allowing our life force – our individuated Source energy – to flow freely through our system nourishing it and keeping it at the vibrant and optimal level until we consciously decide our mission here is complete and we withdraw our energetic focus and allow the body to die. Becoming the best version of ourselves must include the body.


I tried to find others with similar beliefs and who would be living them already but apart of one blog written by someone claiming to be hundreds of years old and needing to change countries and identities I found no others.

I knew the paradigm started to change when I saw a recently released film Ages of Adeline.  Films by their very nature expose many to new ideas and seed them as possibilities in the collective consciousness. I felt  yes! Yes! this is about me and others who may declare themselves to feel same way.

To date I have not seen any mention of the youthing process on the internet. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I listened to the channeling of Kryon by Lee Carroll  who revealed  that we all have a youthing gene and it is quantum.This quantum in nature gene when activated allows and our bodies to regenerate into their renewed healthy state so that we can experience life in the same body/incarnation in higher vibrational state. Previously the bodies would need to die and one would reincarnate again but now we have an option to stay and enjoy the fruits of our spiritual expansion in the physicalized world. Imagine that! 🙂 The ability to stay at peak physical form and having the ability to self heal. It is happening.

Kryon explains IN DETAIL how this is done ! He confirms that the accounts of masters of old days living for hundreds of years are real as they needed to live that long to pass on genetics of higher consciousness to their offspring.

Biology is quantum too. It would be perverse if it wasn’t. Somehow though we don’t think of it this way – only physics is seen as quantum but Biology is Physics! Chemistry depends on very thing that quantum physics relies on.

Some quantum energies actually change DNA in interesting ways. When conducting experiments the results hint on presence of certain things within  molecules. They are however invisible even under the electron microscope. You can you can only observe the results of experiments but the presence of extra things/particles is not verifiable by our instruments yet.

Kryon explains that  there is a Human Youth Template in the human body and it is only visible if it is exposed by multidimensional force. Thus a suspected energy in certain molecules will show itself when you expose this molecule to other quantum energies. When we start to see it we ll notice cluster patterns. We ll discover a youthing cluster, a youthing template. In some experiments it now shows itself for a moment then vanishes. Early days yet. Some scientists have applied magnetics as multidimensional force to expose the hidden force and you can see a piece of it as magnetic fields  reveal the youthing molecule. Its not yet known as that. The template is in everything. A very own stem cell capable to changing each cell to the original blueprint.

Spontaneous remission is the youthing template activated by human consciousness or by extreme fear or divine intervention. When this template is seen in our 3d world things will start to move.. Humanity will start living longer when they discover they can rejuvenate with artificially created fields. The cell rejuvenation will be almost perfect, the telemeres will not shorten the body will not age. .yay!! 🙂


Few days later I had found a blog where the blogger Esther Leek described her recent account of the conversation she had with her Body during a meditation. It was confirming the same concept ! Here is an excerpt from it :

“There is a time in all humans where the body functions at peak form.  This does not have to be a “healthy” time but simply a programmed time of great efficiency.  This is the “time” that we would like to go back to.  It will bring with it a joyous expansion to your body.

 (..) They informed me that I did not have to go through menopause if I chose not to.  Although if I chose, my reproductive system could be retired with no effect on the bodies youthing.  The latter is what I chose…and of course to join them in seeing what is possible.

(..)  “The first thing to know is that when your DNA changes the chromosomes that shift simply fade back or step forward.  There is no switch, on or off.  Instead it is a dance, a bringing to the front what is now needed and a stepping back of what is now past.   This is a different concept than an on/off switch.  For one, there is no illusion of control.  There is no control on a human level.  But as the Human levels up to walk with more of their divine inside, then the dance can begin in earnest.  So how do you direct “traffic” on the dance floor?  This is where the training will begin, for you do have a say to a certain extent and your ability to KNOW what and how are very important.  These are the lessons we will be walking you through in the next few years.  It’s time to get busy.(..)”

Read the whole blog here:

I am certain that spiritual growth facilitates creation of our very own clear magnetic fields around our bodies. The more light one holds within the field the more light can penetrate it. This is the quantum youthing template activation that we can achieve step by step here and now.




Saturn Neptune square theme in 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius will be remain at 90 deg angle to Neptune in Pisces when viewed  from Earth until 8th September 2016. The tension produced by this aspect has already been evident. These two planets represent totally different reality concepts: Neptune symbolizes dreams, feelings especially compassion and unconditional love, anything “mystical” or “unrealistic”. Saturn is the symbol of the tangible physical world we can see build and measure.It is concerned with structures and systems : government, institutions, corporations  and traditions. It rules science based on physical evidence and entrenched belief systems. When these two planets  square each other their dance will produce a meld. We will notice how dreams and fantasies alone will not feed us and put roofs over our heads. We will need to work  to birth those dreams into physical reality we live in.

Equally the structures of our lives will experience a softening or will be washed away by Neptunian energies seeping into them. The apparent solidness of physical objects and structures will become more permeable and nebulous. We may see more “miracles” when object will materialize seemingly by magic and totality of such personal experiences may deeply challenge our rigid belief  structures. Watch out for vivid meaningful dreams and synchronicities. Observe how the concept of time itself ( Saturn) becomes more fluid (Neptune).

Neptune is also associated with the Divine Feminine whereas Saturn represents  patriarchy. I can see how the wave of Neptunian energy will wash away some of the rough edges of the entrenched system by exposing it for all to see. That’s how Neptune operates: it dissolves and exposes.

When these energies are integrated our  manifesting skills will truly blossom in the physical world we live in.

2016 the year of completion

The next 12 months we shall be focused to get things done. It’s time to get into our groove and start living our purpose. Discussing it, contemplating and having doubts will no longer do. It’s time to start making it real. Those nagging thoughts which, to date, have been kept at the back of the mind suppressed by “I can’t do it, I am not skilled enough, I won’t make any money from it, I am not confident enough, I have no partner ” etc etc ..they need to be listened to, thanked for trying to keep us safe i.e stagnant and they can be put on the shelf. They won’t serve us now. We need to start moving. It matters not which direction as long as it creates momentum and feels right.The destination is unimportant. The movement itself will allow for the opportunities to present themselves.We then need to start putting in the effort, step by step to avoid overwhelm. Asking for help when stuck will keep it going forward. Keeping it going will attract people on similar paths to join us in our endeavors and reinforce our missions.

I wish us all happy discoveries what makes us truly alive. It’s time to start living magically.