Hello World

My name is Ewa Lee aka Galactic Woman.

I started this website to share with you my musings about health, vitality, youthing, consciousness expansion, spiritual growth, mindfulness, astrology, relationships, effortless living, political and financial developments and anything else that spikes my interests. I like to explore the leading edge. I invite you on a journey with me. I hope you ll find it interesting, helpful and intriguing! 🙂

Our planet is in the in the midst of the Galactic Shift of consciousness. I am excited about the opportunities this presents to humans to evolve from Homo Sapiens  into  Homo Spiritus species no longer solely driven by mind and survival but inner directed by their soul perspective and heart-mind connection. I am optimistic we shall succeed and will take our rightful equal place among the rest of our Galactic families.

Find me on https://steemit.com/@galacticwoman